Hello world!

by simpleandaphoristic

I have an obsession with creating new blogs. so welcome, to my WORDPRESS one, haha. I went to the mall today with Clo, to Tyson’s which is 10X better than my home mall of St. Charles.

All i really wanted were some VANS.

PACSUN had a BOMB sale. I got this racer back tank for $2.50. It's not orange, it is actually the color of my skin.

While in the VANS store, I saw this purse. It is the perfect size, and style. I've desperately been needing a wallet, it matches with the purse. They were a pricey pair, but I think is worth every penny. I'll definitely be getting much use out of the two.

This shirt was from PACSUN on sale for $14.99. Its a sleeveless crop top, with a tie, by the belly button.

"Black Poppy" is becoming a staple brand. Most things I see by them, I like.