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SORRY, for being MIA.

Even if i don’t do OOTDs, i could at least do a weekly photo challenge, right?


“Weekly Photo Challenge: (Indulge)”

So, I’ve done what “pops” into your mind when you hear the word “INDULGE” An association with food. Today, I cooked, technically baked(?)a pan of Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies. Yum! It’s not that I am watching my weight or diet. It is just that I rarely cook. I came home from school today, looked through the pantry as usual, and saw the red cardboard box. Not surprising to find out it was expired, but it’s ok.
(I figure the heat will kill whatever is dangerous about eating expired food.)
Hot Fudge Brownies + Cold Milk= A Good Day.Image

Hello world!

I have an obsession with creating new blogs. so welcome, to my WORDPRESS one, haha. I went to the mall today with Clo, to Tyson’s which is 10X better than my home mall of St. Charles.

All i really wanted were some VANS.

PACSUN had a BOMB sale. I got this racer back tank for $2.50. It's not orange, it is actually the color of my skin.

While in the VANS store, I saw this purse. It is the perfect size, and style. I've desperately been needing a wallet, it matches with the purse. They were a pricey pair, but I think is worth every penny. I'll definitely be getting much use out of the two.

This shirt was from PACSUN on sale for $14.99. Its a sleeveless crop top, with a tie, by the belly button.

"Black Poppy" is becoming a staple brand. Most things I see by them, I like.